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Ioan & Niculina Hodadea

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As of January 1, 2009, any Distributor at the Distributor level must purchase directly from FLP at the New Distributor Price. To Distributor you simply sign up. The New Distributor Price (NDP) is based upon a 15% discount off the suggested Retail price of any product. This program is released only in United States and Canada. Those at the Distributor level will purchase at the NDP untill they reach the position of Assistant Supervisor or above. As soon as New Distributors qualify as Assistant Supervisor by generating 2cc within a two-consecutive month period, they start purchasing at full Wholesale Price. This means that they will earn the full Retail Profit on all of their retail customers, plus the NDP profit on all the New Distributors that they sponsor. As a New Distributors, they are further motivated to move up to Assistant Supervisor level so they can purchase the product at a 30% discount (wholesale)

New Distributors receive a 15% Discount

Assistant Supervisor receive a 30% Discount

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